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What I like to Read

So this is another new beginning. The last time I started a blog it lasted for three entries, so lets see if this one continues longer.

There is no theme to this blog. Writing randomly whatever comes to my mind. Sometimes it's better that way.

People sometimes ask me what I read. Since I was a child, I did like to read books, mostly fiction stories. I used to like classic novels. Little Women, Gone With the Wind, Hemmingway, etc. Had my teenage years of detective novels too, however, now I avoid anything violent, creepy or scary. My mind stays more peaceful that way.

After arriving on Kaua'i, I started reading many stories with spiritual themes, Paulo Coelho, Dan Millman, James Redfield... I also like to read stuff just for fun, like articles in travel magazines, food or beauty magazines, and I've read most of Sophie Kinsella's books. Sure, I love nature, but I have a material loving side too, woohoo!

My newest interest is in children's books. These I usually browse at the library and pick up whatever catches my eye. Sometimes they are picture books for very young children, which could contain fascinating art work as well as reading. Sometimes they are longer books for maybe ten to twelve year olds. Reading children's books lets me go back to feeling like a child, which is quite nice. Ahh, the days when I didn't have to think about money. Well, I am working on going back to that state of mind as often as I can.

A few titles that I have enjoyed reading recently: To Night Owl from Dog Fish, George, You Don't Know Everything Jilly P., The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street.

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