• Rhaya Celestyne

Fresh Air

(日本語は下)So, here we are today, most of us stuck at our homes or allowed to go out only for minimum reasons. There is a pandemic we've created, which may be just the excuse we need to reset, recharge, and rethink the world we live in. Though I very much feel that the surge of electromagnetic waves we are creating and receiving is the cause of all these reactions our bodies are having, at the same time I find that being outdoors, getting some outside air and sun are keeping me healthy. Nothing makes much sense, does it? We are told to stay closed up indoors, yet being in confined spaces, to me, seems like the worst idea to heal illness.

At the moment I do stay indoors most of the time, and here on the island, we are fortunate to be able to keep a distance with other people when we are outside, still close enough to smile and say greetings to one another. It's not supposed to be a vacation, but I find having time to meditate, to walk outside or stand in the backyard looking at the sky and greenery to be very soothing, a great tranquil time. And from the ocean, can feel it's breeze, hear the waves, receive it's calming cleansing.

Once again, Mother Nature is the all forgiving healer. Human activity has its flaws, and somehow or the other, nature saves us. And so, she is reminding us, respect, respect, respect. Stop the separation and selfishness. Remember what it means to be all in this together. Look into our hearts and figure out how we can live and progress as one with nature, one with all that is.




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